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Mobile Games Development

Guide for Mobile Game Development

Mobile games are very popular source of revenue for smart and efficient developers. You can find many success stories such as Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and many more. The popularity of mobile games inspires many people to try their hand at mobile game development. If you are a beginner, you must realize that developing a top quality mobile game is not an easy task.

Before you start developing a game, here are the main questions you should pose yourself 

1. Who is your target audience?

2. What is your target market?

3. What are the unique elements in the game? ie..why would a user download your game instead of other games?

4. How will you monetize the game?

Focus on telling a story

Stories are an integral part of mobile gaming world. Users tend to connect with a game which takes them on a journey and challenges them. Strong story line which is easy to understand and relatable to majority of users is key to successful mobile game.

Simple and short game levels

You should make your game simple, but there must be an addictive nature as well.  Players get easily distracted with lengthy levels so keeping the levels simple and easy to play and complete will convert to higher retention of users. There should be many un-lockable levels and the difficulty can be increased gradually to keep the users engaged in the mobile game.

Develop an appealing design

The design of your game needs to be highly appealing. You have to consider various aspects such as your story, characters, and final look. The design can easily be one single factor that helps people differentiate you and your competitors.

Monetization strategy

Other important aspects you need to consider as mobile game developer aspirant are deciding on the monetization strategy, choosing the right technology to serve ads, having the right ad strategy, analytics and A/B testing is ongoing task for any game developer.

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